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The Get Going Method is based on Oriana Narducci’s fresh approach to teaching and training teachers and students of all levels of schools; from the tourist to the CEO. All benefit from this Method.

The unique approach of the Get Going Method takes you where you want to be when it comes to fluency and proficiency in English.

The Get Going Method not only approaches the language from a grammar point of view, it places its learners in a position to actually grasp the language and the culture behind it.

The adventure begins by doing an entry test that gives a clear indication of where the learner is. Once done, either with individual sessions or group ones – or both – the journey begins. If the learner so choses, the journey ends with a language exam accredited by the EU and accepted by the Italian Ministry of Education.


The Get Going Method is so unique in its approach that it adapts to the requirements of the learners. Whether it be a CEO, an IBO, an architect or engineer, a school teacher or simply for personal growth, the Get Going Method can be shaped around specific fields and areas of expertise.


Since we all now live in a technological era, the literature used for the course is an e-book equipped with multimedia tools that implement, enhance and support the learning process every step of the way turning it all into a nice, fun, fast and enjoyable journey.

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