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New Methods of Instruction and Learning

The Get Going Method is the based on Oriana Narducci’s fresh approach to teaching and training teachers and students of all levels of schools; from the tourist to the CEO. All benefit from this Method.


The unique approach of the Get Going Method takes you where you want to be when it comes to fluency and proficiency in English.



Test of Interactive English

Recognized by MIUR (Ministry of Education), the Test of Interactive English (TIE), is an international EFL (English Foreign Language) exam that attests to the level of the 5 skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking & Interaction – as required by both the MIUR and the European Community, following the Common European Framework score for language knowledge (CEFR).


Description of the Certification Exam

The exam is designed to evaluate the mastery of the language in the communicative and interactive skills of the candidates, both in predictable and spontaneous situations and problem solving.

During the exam, participants are evaluated both for the level of their oral competences (Speaking, Listening & Interaction), and for their reading and writing ones.

The level attested by the language certificate is based on the  Common European Framework of Reference for Language Knowledge (CEFR) that ranges from A1 to C2.

Our native speakers will evaluate your level and  grasp of the language and advise for an individual or group preparation –  also online –  for the TIE exam.



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