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New Methods of Instruction and Learning

The Get Going Method is the based on Oriana Narducci’s fresh approach to teaching and training teachers and students of all levels of schools; from the tourist to the CEO. All benefit from this Method.


The unique approach of the Get Going Method takes you where you want to be when it comes to fluency and proficiency in English.


Interactive English

The philosophy of Get Going Experience consists in placing individual needs at the centre. This translates into tailor making the course around individual needs of the person that comes to us. It consists in a well-structured process whose aim is to respond to the realistic needs of those who come to Get Going Experience.

The world of language certifications is a world made up of lists of certifying bodies and certifications recognized by the MIM and from the MUR (formerly MIUR) as a mere starting point. To this one must be add the certification that the Senior School, High School, University Faculty or College accepts beyond the mere inclusion of the said certificate in the list of recognized certifications ( web/list-of-accredited-bodies). This translates into an initial meeting where the individual starting level in the 5 skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening & Interaction) is assessed through a small interview that can be done either online or in presence.

Once this aspect has been established, we move on to the most important step which consists in understanding the needs and requirements that led the person to require an English language course. This is fundamental so that the course may be adapted to the individual needs of the person.

The final step consists in a Placement Test specially designed by Get Going Experience to identify real and actual knowledge of fundamental grammar of the L2.

Get Going Experience’s approach is absolutely down to earth: there is no point in reviewing what one already knows. Better to invest time and money in what one is missing rather than going over what one already gets.

At this point, the individual training advised is presented to the person with the added option of taking a language certification exam – the last aspect to be agreed upon – so that the training is focused on the necessary specifics necessary to the specific language certification exam chosen while learning language skills.




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